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Originally, Apex began as a blog and podcast specializing in empathetic human connection. Along the way, we realized that it was nearly impossible to focus on producing high-quality content while effectively growing a brand.

We decided that, as a marketer, you should be focused on creating high quality content for the brand you’re responsible for -- not wasting valuable hours to edit and optimize content for the growing list of platforms.

That’s where our team comes in.

Jacob Popio

Co-Founder | Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jacob Popio is the director of production and strategic initiatives for the Apex Communications Network. Popio has been involved with audio and editing from a young age and is extremely passionate about finding the best balance between organic and pristine.

Jacob has been the aesthetic brand designer for Apex Communications Network. The signature La Casa del’apice was Popio’s vision and has hosted many conversations since opening in October of 2018.

Jacob earned his degree in Biology and is an amazing logical problem solver that approaches problems from every possible angle until a suitable solution is found.
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Jan Almasy

Co-Founder | Director of Relations

Jan Almasy has been fondly designated the “Spiel Man” by his fellow co-founders. The original idea for Apex Communications Network started with Jan following six high school students committed suicide in a nearby school district. Having experienced suicidal ideation and anxiety in high school, Jan decided it was time to reach out, and the blog that started it all was born in 2017.

Jan earned his degree in nursing with a minor in clinical psychology. Between his experience as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of training while in the Ohio Air National Guard to his career as an ICU Resource Nurse, Jan has amassed a wealth of knowledge across many fields.

Since the original blog, Jan has become an expert consultant in written copy, branding strategy, content marketing, and remains the host of the first show ever started on Apex Communication Network: The Apex Podcast.
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RJ Holiday

Co-Founder | Director of Operations

RJ Holliday is a nationally qualified heavyweight bodybuilder, former Mr. Ohio, and is by far the most charismatic fun loving personality in the crew. Known for his uncanny ability to lead The Apex Podcast down comedic rabbit holes, RJ brings a depth of operations experience to the table.

Earning his degree in Sports Management from Akron University, RJ managed a physicians primary care practice for over five years prior to coming to the Apex team. RJ consistently provides innovative insight into process improvement as well as social media strategy.

As operations manager, RJ handles network support, billing, and trains all new hosts entering the Apex Communications Network.
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