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"One of the major things you can do to take your brand to the next level is become a thought leader, which is exactly what Apex allows you to do."
- International Speaker: Ed "The Rainmaker" Robinson

Empathetic Mass Communication Consulting

A Chief Creative Officer is a person strictly dedicated to developing innovative text, video and audio-based content strategies that can be delivered through all your digital channels.

Sound like a luxury you can’t afford?

At Apex Communications Network, we serve as your digital CCO. We evaluate your business and quickly get to the core of what matters to your customer in every aspect of their lives. All while eliminating loads of stress from your marketing team, by ensuring that each piece of content developed is appropriate for the medium and audience they’re targeting.

We turn your brand into an experience.

Bringing the Apex Factor

Unsure of where to pivot your brand as the communications landscape continues to morph? What if there was a way to bring an edge to your current marketing solutions that could, not only, engage your customer base or employees, but could also transform into a revenue stream over time?

Our Apex Factor consultants are highly skilled in identifying ways to strategically enhance the quality of your brand while simultaneously collaborating with your team to create new ways to empathetically connect with your customer.

Discover more about how our brand communication strategies build a new revenue stream for your company over the long term!
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Content Repurposing

Imagine what your current marketing team would be capable of if they were able to dedicate more of their time to paying attention to customer trends, engagement analytics, and developing high quality ad campaigns.

Once our consultants complete their deep dive, your company is assigned a manager that works with your marketing team to learn your brand inside and out ensuring that the content being produced is exactly what your team is looking for.

Our content deposit system allows your team to focus on developing the quality of your brand. Without their time being eaten up by editing, they will be free to focus on engaging with customers, producing raw content, and maximizing your ad-spend. -- all while increasing the amount of content available at their fingertips!

Podcasting Consulting: The New Wave of Audio

Companies today are becoming more disconnected at an alarming rate. With employees teleworking or in remote locations, it can be tough to reach everyone in a timely manner. Sending emails or videos requires your audience to pause their day to sit down and consume your message.

Podcasting is a learning curve from start to finish. We offer a turn-key solution that allows your marketing team the ability to directly integrate us into their workflow, while maximizing the content that is produced. Whether you’re able to record in person, or you require remote recording capabilities, our experts are positioned to provide you a seamless experience. Once the recording is complete, our editing specialists will maximize the quality of your show before we distribute it across Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, and many more!

Increase Employee Productivity

With our private podcasting solutions, you can be sure that your message is secure and accessible by all the members of your team. Not only can you share your voice over the app, but you can also upload supplemental documents and video that they can download directly to their devices.

Are you a membership-based organization? What if you could offer your members exclusive access to content through a private branded app? Whether it’s updates about the organization, highlights, or educational content, we give you the ability to provide your members with a service few others can offer.
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